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Fund Fact Sheet Prospectus Summary Prospectus Semi-Annual Report Annual Report SAI XBRL
Rational Dividend Capture Fund
Rational Defensive Growth Fund
Rational Risk Managed Emerging Markets Fund
Rational Real Strategies Fund
Rational Strategic Allocation Fund


Rational Funds Account Applications
Rational Funds Regular Account Transfer Request Form
Trust Certification Form
Transfer On Death (TOD) Registration Request Form
USA Patriot Act Supplemental Insert for Applications
HSA Change of Beneficiary Form
Rational Systematic Purchase/Withdrawal Request Form
Rational Cost Basis Election Form
New Account Application
Certification Statement – Purchase at Net Asset Value
Rational Funds Disclosure Form
Rational Funds Direct IRA Applications
HSA Application
Traditional IRA & SEP IRA Application
Traditional SEP IRA Disclosure
Roth IRA Application
Roth IRA Disclosure
SIMPLE IRA Application
SIMPLE IRA Disclosure
IRA Change of Beneficiary Form
Rational Funds Direct Coverdell Savings Account Applications
Rational Coverdell ESA Change of Designation Form
Rational Coverdell ESA Application
Coverdell ESA Disclosure
IRA Transfer Forms
Gift Transfer Form
HSA Distribution Request Form
HSA Direct Rollover/Transfer Request Form
Rational Direct IRA Rollover Request Form
IRA Transfer Form
IRA Distribution Form
Rational Coverdell ESA Transfer Form
Rational Coverdell ESA Distribution Form
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